Dungeon Rush Online For PC Windows-Mac

Dungeon Rush Online For PC

 This is an idle MMORPG card game, your heroes explore ancient deep dark dungeons and then battle for glory against terrible monsters and beasts. Collect legendary heroes, form a battle-hardened team, fight with other players, and accomplish legendary achievements. You can also form a guild with other players to rule the Dungeon Rush …

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SOMA Online For PC Windows-Mac

SOMA Online For PC

 This is a communication app you can do video chat with 4 of your friends at the same time and its free and save, you can also do group chat, voice call to any of your friends with this app. In text group chat you can chat with all of …

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Deadlock Online For PC Windows-Mac

Deadlock Online For PC

This is an action game in which you have to compete online with other players all around the world, you can also compete in weekly tournaments and daily tasks to unlock points and gift for you. The game has three modes one is online in which you can start fighting …

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TextLab Online For PC Windows-Mac

TextLab Online For PC

 This is a text editor and photo editor app for you, you can add text on your photos to make them special or awesome. You can also edit your photo with several kinds of filters, this app will show you the pre loaded collection of best typography fonts you can add …

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Jumping Fox Online For PC Windows-Mac

Jumping Fox Online For PC

 There is a flood racing toward jungle you are a fox and you have to survive this flood. Jump on tree branches to get a higher ground in order to avoid drowning in the water. Keep jumping on the branches because if the water catches you your game will be …

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Casino Slot Machines Online For PC Windows-Mac

Casino Slot Machines Online For PC

 This is a number one slot machine game for you, you will enjoy almost all kind of slot machines and amazing spins in this game. This game gives you incredible selection of slot games to play, classic slot machine gambling, legendary games from Las Vegas with bonus jackpots. Casino Slot Machines Online …

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Beastopia Online For PC Windows-Mac

Beastopia Online For PC

 This is classic RPG game in which you have beasts army and you have to fight battles with kings and emperors with your army.Embark on an adventure together with Vincent-Van-Goat, Doctor Hoo, Fat-Boar Slim, Jane Doe, Megunn Fox and everyone’s favorite hawkentist Stephen Hawk. Beastopia Online For PC is a …

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Speed Reader Online For PC Windows-Mac

Speed Reader Online For PC

 This is an app every reading lover wants now you don’t have to move your eyes in order to read something. Just focus in the center and all the words will move in front of your eyes. This app uses a method called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation to allow you to …

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Dinosaur Revenge 3D Online For PC Windows-Mac

Dinosaur Revenge 3D Online For PC

 In this game you are a dinosaur and you have to live a life of dinosaur, you are in a lush jungle full of animals so feed yourself with the best animal. Aim your target pray, track your pray where it goes and then wait for the best moment to …

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Jungle Jumping Online For PC Windows-Mac

Jungle Jumping Online For PC

 This is a simple game but very difficult and addictive to play, you have to help several animals to cross the river by jumping. Small jump big jump do whatever you need to do in order to cross the river, but becareful of hurdles you will face when you cross …

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