Puzzle & Dragons Online for PC Windows & Mac

Puzzle & Dragons Online for PC

Puzzle and Dragons is a game in which several different genres, including role, puzzles and strategy intertwine to create an experience that has captivated tens of millions of players around the world. The easiest way to define the mechanics of Puzzle and Dragons would say that mixes classic puzzle combat …

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Descendants Online for PC Windows & Mac

Disney Descendants has already made its way to Cinemas and most of the Computer screens and bigger LCDs, while on the other hand, the Descendants game has also made its way to the Mobile gaming world and thanks to some 3rd party official emulators, you can play it on your PC, connected …

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Food Street Online for PC Windows & Mac

I don’t know how many people here have visited any sort of food street, but I have been there a lot of times, you have different types of restaurants there, offering their specialty and some other things, but what you get there is the different variety of foods and everything …

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Tengami Online for PC Windows & Mac

One thing that Japanese are good at, they can easily take over any sort of Television in any house and even in the games, they dominated the Console world for quite a long time, then others realized that they should do something about it, otherwise Japanese will sure to take …

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MADDEN NFL Mobile Online for PC Windows & Mac

Madden NFL Mobile Online For PC

Madden NFL Mobile Online For PC leads to one of the most powerful franchises of EA Sports, allowing players to enjoy the excitement of football anywhere and at any time. The game system has been perfectly adapted. For example, while on the screen we will see the classic buttons X or …

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Run The Joint Online for PC Windows & Mac

The Prison Shawshank is back and this time there also lies the tale of Injustice and the inmates there needs your help to defy the non penetrable walls of that prison and lead them to freedom. Run the Joint is an endless running game with an addictive double character in …

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Dungeons of Evilibrium Online for PC Windows & Mac

The battle of cards and RPG is now available in a single form with all the tactical elements of TCG strategies and a Dungeon crawling exploration of a broad game. Collect all the awesome cards and evolve them to make the best team possible. The whole worlds fate lies in …

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Galaxy on Fire Alliance Online for PC Windows & Mac

Galaxy on Fire Alliance Online for PC

Galaxy on Fire: Alliances is a strategy MMO set in space, in which players assume the role of a young commander of an army of earthen, or Vossk nivelianos the three available races within the universe of Galaxy on Fire . A Unlike previous titles in the franchise, which we …

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Enigma Express Online for PC Windows & Mac

Enigma Express Online for PC

Team up with sassy super sleuth Hannah Dakota in a beautiful hidden object game. Travel across the world and solve the mysterious bank robbery. Investigate different crime scenes and find stunning 3d objects. Eight mysterious objects have been stolen from a secret vault belonging to incarcerated criminal mastermind Five Fingers. …

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Hitman GO Online for PC Windows & Mac

Hitman GO Online for PC

Hitman GO is a turn-based puzzle game with beautifully rendered diorama-style set pieces. You will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out your target or infiltrate well-guarded locations. You really have to think about each move and all the Hitman tools of the trade …

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